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The ssh library was designed to be used by programmers needing a
working SSH implementation by the mean of a library. The complete
control of the client is made by the programmer. With libssh, you can
remotely execute programs, transfer files, use a secure and transparent
tunnel for your remote programs. With its Secure FTP implementation,
you can play with remote files easily, without third-party programs
others than libcrypto (from openssl).

This package provides libssh from that should not
be confused with libssh2 available from (libssh2

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
0001-cmake-Use-configure-check-for-CRYPTO_ctr128_encrypt.patch 0000003038 2.97 KB
0001-config-Bugfix-Dont-skip-unseen-opcodes.patch 0000001076 1.05 KB
0001-disable-timeout-test-on-slow-buildsystems.patch 0000002001 1.95 KB
0001-libcrypto-Introduce-a-libcrypto-compat-file.patch 0000010575 10.3 KB
0001-libcrypto-Remove-AES_ctr128_encrypt.patch 0000001180 1.15 KB
0001-libcrypto-Use-a-pointer-for-EVP_CIPHER_CTX.patch 0000001005 1005 Bytes
0001-libcrypto-Use-a-pointer-for-EVP_MD_CTX.patch 0000001300 1.27 KB
0001-libcrypto-Use-newer-API-for-HMAC.patch 0000002027 1.98 KB
0001-pki_crypto-Use-getters-and-setters-for-opaque-keys-a.patch 0000019202 18.8 KB
0001-threads-Use-new-API-call-for-OpenSSL-CRYPTO-THREADID.patch 0000002926 2.86 KB
CVE-2018-10933.patch 0000050820 49.6 KB
baselibs.conf 0000000008 8 Bytes
libssh-0.7.5.tar.asc 0000000833 833 Bytes
libssh-0.7.5.tar.xz 0000351632 343 KB
libssh.changes 0000022865 22.3 KB
libssh.keyring 0000004331 4.23 KB
libssh.spec 0000005082 4.96 KB
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