CoolKey and CAC PKCS #11 PKI Module for Smart Cards

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Linux Driver support for the CoolKey and CAC products. CoolKeys are
part of a complete PKI solution that provides smart card login, single
sign-on, secure messaging, and secure email access. In the complete
solution, users are issued CoolKeys by their employer, ISP, bank, or
other parties. When the user plugs the keys in for the first time, the
keys are automatically provisioned with certificates, keys, and a PIN,
unique for that user by the Red Hat Certificate System. Once the
CoolKey is provisioned, the user can take the key to any system and use
it to login (authenticate), send and receive signed and encrypted
email, or participate in secure messaging or IRC communication. Using a
CoolKey should be as easy as starting a car. To accomplish that vision,
we are focusing on building complete support for CoolKey on exactly one
token. As the system is built out, we can add token support. CoolKeys
are based on JavaCard 1.2. We are testing with Axalto Egate Cyberflex
cards, which are available in both smart card and USB Fob form factors.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
baselibs.conf 0000000074 74 Bytes
coolkey-1.1.0-fail-on-bad-mechanisms.patch 0000003841 3.75 KB
coolkey-1.1.0-fix-spurious-event.patch 0000000700 700 Bytes
coolkey-1.1.0-max-cpu-bug.patch 0000000598 598 Bytes
coolkey-1.1.0-more-keys.patch 0000002190 2.14 KB
coolkey-1.1.0-noapplet.patch 0000000657 657 Bytes
coolkey-1.1.0-p15-coverity.patch 0000008784 8.58 KB
coolkey-1.1.0-p15.patch 0000142433 139 KB
coolkey-1.1.0-rhel7-alt-cac.patch 0000027295 26.7 KB
coolkey-1.1.0.tar.gz 0000432808 423 KB
coolkey-cac-1.patch 0000000915 915 Bytes
coolkey-cac.patch 0000032240 31.5 KB
coolkey-cache-dir-move.patch 0000004871 4.76 KB
coolkey-fix-token-removal-failure.patch 0000003004 2.93 KB
coolkey-gcc43.patch 0000001582 1.54 KB
coolkey-latest.patch 0000022306 21.8 KB
coolkey-pcsc-lite-fix.patch 0000003437 3.36 KB
coolkey-piv-ecc-el7.patch 0000154443 151 KB
coolkey-simple-bugs.patch 0000002853 2.79 KB
coolkey-thread-fix.patch 0000004811 4.7 KB
coolkey.changes 0000002895 2.83 KB
coolkey.rpmlintrc 0000000055 55 Bytes
coolkey.spec 0000007071 6.91 KB
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