The GNOME 2.x Desktop Base Libraries

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This package contains the basic libraries for the GNOME 2.x Desktop
platform. GNOME has no specific window manager. You are totally free in
your choice. Many GNOME users like Sawfish, Enlightenment, or IceWM as
a window manager for GNOME (see those packages).

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
_service 0000000461 461 Bytes
_servicedata 0000000226 226 Bytes
baselibs.conf 0000000009 9 Bytes
libgnome-2.32.2+20170910.8487c2b4.tar.xz 0001073344 1.02 MB
libgnome-help-bundles.patch 0000004545 4.44 KB
libgnome-sounds-default.patch 0000000852 852 Bytes
libgnome-uninitialized-vars.patch 0000000442 442 Bytes
libgnome-va_list-empty.patch 0000001625 1.59 KB
libgnome.changes 0000031704 31 KB
libgnome.spec 0000005158 5.04 KB
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