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Open source implementation of JAXB

A Java/XML binding compiler takes as input a schema description (in
most cases an XML schema, but it may be a DTD, a RelaxNG schema,
a Java class inspected via reflection, or a database schema). The
output is a set of Java classes: * A Java bean class matching the
schema description. (If the schema was obtained via Java
reflection, the original Java bean class.)

* Read a conforming XML document and convert it into the equivalent
Java bean.

* Vice versa, marshal the Java bean back into the original XML

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ws-jaxme-0.5.2-proxygenerator.patch 0000000984 984 Bytes over 3 years
ws-jaxme-0.5.2-src.tar.bz2 0005335431 5.09 MB over 3 years
ws-jaxme-catalog.patch 0000001065 1.04 KB over 3 years
ws-jaxme-docs_xml.patch 0000000462 462 Bytes about 13 years
ws-jaxme-java6.patch 0000005611 5.48 KB over 3 years
ws-jaxme-sourcetarget.patch 0000003341 3.26 KB over 3 years
ws-jaxme-use-commons-codec.patch 0000000904 904 Bytes about 10 years
ws-jaxme.changes 0000001933 1.89 KB over 3 years
ws-jaxme.spec 0000005347 5.22 KB over 3 years
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