Library for asynchronous name resolves

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This package is based on the package 'libcares2' from project 'openSUSE:Factory'.

c-ares is a C library that performs DNS requests and name resolves
asynchronously. c-ares is a fork of the library named 'ares', written
by Greg Hudson at MIT.

Source Files
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0001-Use-RPM-compiler-options.patch 0000001433 1.4 KB
baselibs.conf 0000000010 10 Bytes
c-ares-1.19.1.tar.gz 0001579100 1.51 MB
c-ares-1.19.1.tar.gz.asc 0000000488 488 Bytes
c-ares.changes 0000024881 24.3 KB
c-ares.keyring 0000001845 1.8 KB
c-ares.spec 0000003695 3.61 KB
disable-live-tests.patch 0000000425 425 Bytes
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