Plain upstream Ghostscript

Edit Package ghostscript.7689

The "ghostscript" package might be incompatible
with the official openSUSE "ghostscript-library"

See "Package clean-up and upgrade to latest
stable release" at

You need the packages ghostscript and
ghostscript-x11 which replace the official
packages ghostscript-library and
ghostscript-x11 (provided you have already
the package ghostscript-x11 installed).

Do not remove installed ghostscript-fonts-*

To replace the official packages, you must
install ghostscript and ghostscript-x11
in one run, e.g.:

# rpm -Uhv ghostscript-*.rpm ghostscript-x11-*.rpm

To go back to the official packages, you must
first remove the ghostscript and ghostscript-x11
package and ignore RPM package dependencies, e.g.:

# rpm -e --nodeps ghostscript ghostscript-x11

Then you can re-install the official packages,

# rpm -Uhv ghostscript-library-*.rpm ghostscript-x11-*.rpm

Be careful that you specify during installation
the exact right ghostscript-x11-*.rpm package
(with exact matching version-release) - otherwise
you get RPM conflicts.

In general please read

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