International Components for Unicode

ICU is a set of C and C++ libraries that provides robust and
full-featured Unicode and locale support. The library provides calendar
support, conversions for many character sets, language sensitive
collation, date and time formatting, support for many locales, message
catalogs and resources, message formatting, normalization, number and
currency formatting, time zone support, transliteration, and word,
line, and sentence breaking, etc.

This package contains the Unicode character database and derived
properties along with converters and time zone data.

This package contains the runtime libraries for ICU. It does not
contain any of the data files needed at runtime and present in the icu
and icu-locales packages.

Source Files
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Japanese-era-Reiwa-support-in-ICU4C-60.patch 0003355765 3.2 MB 8 months
baselibs.conf 0000000103 103 Bytes 8 months
icu-CVE-2020-10531.patch 0000009409 9.19 KB 8 months
icu-avoid-x87-excess-precision.diff 0000000709 709 Bytes 8 months
icu-error-reporting.diff 0000002328 2.27 KB 8 months
icu-fix-install-mode-files.diff 0000002983 2.91 KB 8 months
icu-versioning.diff 0000008405 8.21 KB 8 months
icu.changes 0000035874 35 KB 8 months
icu.spec 0000009025 8.81 KB 8 months 0007255513 6.92 MB 8 months
icu4c-60_2-src.tgz 0023317835 22.2 MB 8 months
xlocale.patch 0000000587 587 Bytes 8 months
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