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Tools Needed to Create Documentation from Texinfo Sources

Texinfo is a documentation system that uses a single source file to
produce both online information and printed output. Using Texinfo, you
can create a printed document with the normal features of a book,
including chapters, sections, cross-references, and indices. From the
same Texinfo source file, you can create a menu-driven, online info
file with nodes, menus, cross-references, and indices using the included
makeinfo tool.

Aggregated with texinfo in this package is texi2html and texi2roff.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
info-dir 0000000750 750 Bytes almost 15 years
install-info_exitcode.patch 0000001208 1.18 KB about 3 years
texinfo-6.5.tar.xz 0004503048 4.29 MB over 3 years
texinfo-6.5.tar.xz.sig 0000000213 213 Bytes over 3 years
texinfo-zlib.patch 0000003731 3.64 KB over 3 years
texinfo.changes 0000046132 45.1 KB about 3 years
texinfo.keyring 0000002285 2.23 KB about 4 years
texinfo.spec 0000005738 5.6 KB about 3 years
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