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Ogg Vorbis Tools

This package contains some tools for Ogg Vorbis:

oggenc (an encoder) and ogg123 (a playback tool). It also has vorbiscomment (to
add comments to Vorbis files), ogginfo (to give all useful information about an
Ogg file, including streams in it), oggdec (a simple command line decoder), and
vcut (which allows you to cut up Vorbis files).

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
oggenc-Fix-large-alloca-on-bad-AIFF-input.patch 0000001305 1.27 KB over 5 years
vcut-fix-segfault.diff 0000000364 364 Bytes over 6 years
vorbis-tools-1.4.0.tar.gz 0001346532 1.28 MB about 8 years
vorbis-tools-cflags.diff 0000000597 597 Bytes about 10 years
vorbis-tools-oggenc-CVE-2014-9639.patch 0000002055 2.01 KB about 6 years
vorbis-tools-r19117-CVE-2014-9640.patch 0000001495 1.46 KB about 6 years
vorbis-tools.changes 0000006420 6.27 KB over 5 years
vorbis-tools.spec 0000004152 4.05 KB over 5 years
warning-fixes.diff 0000000408 408 Bytes about 10 years
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