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Linux namepaces sandbox program


Firejail is a SUID sandbox program that reduces the risk of security
breaches by restricting the running environment of untrusted applications
using Linux namespaces and seccomp-bpf. It includes sandbox profiles for
many existing applications like Iceweasel/Mozilla Firefox and Chromium.

Firejail also expands the restricted shell facility found in bash by adding
Linux namespace support. It supports sandboxing specific users upon login.

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firejail-0.9.70.tar.xz 0000485096 474 KB 6 months
firejail-0.9.70.tar.xz.asc 0000000488 488 Bytes 6 months
firejail.changes 0000034880 34.1 KB 6 months
firejail.keyring 0000001737 1.7 KB over 1 year
firejail.spec 0000004093 4 KB 6 months
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