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Linux Native KVM Tool


kvmtool is a lightweight tool for hosting KVM guests. As a pure virtualization
tool it only supports guests using the same architecture, though it supports
running 32-bit guests on those 64-bit architectures that allow this. It also
is not ready for use in production environments and not actively maintained any

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
_service 0000000578 578 Bytes about 1 year
_servicedata 0000000486 486 Bytes about 1 year
kvmtool-0.1~20211013.39181fc.tar.xz 0000230700 225 KB about 1 year
kvmtool.changes 0000002597 2.54 KB about 1 year
kvmtool.spec 0000001968 1.92 KB 12 months
nonexec-stack.patch 0000000325 325 Bytes over 7 years
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