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Libvirt is a C toolkit to interact with the virtualization
capabilities of Linux. Virtualization of the Linux Operating System means
the ability to run multiple instances of Operating Systems concurrently
on a single hardware system where the basic resources are driven by a
Linux instance. The library aims to provide long term stable C API
to interact with Linux virtualization technologies.

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Andrew Colvin's avatar

the package fails to build if gluster is enabled. I had to add

+%if %{with_storage_gluster} +BuildRequires: glusterfs-devel +%endif

to the spec file

James Fehlig's avatar

When adding the initial gluster support to the spec file, I needed to check if the SUSE gluster package builds glusterfs-api-devel, but then forgot to do so :-(. I've checked now and see that we don't build that, so 'BuildRequires: glusterfs-devel >= 3.4.1' should be sufficient. I've made the change and committed it. Thanks for the reminder!

Andrew Colvin's avatar

superb :) Will it be enabled by default now or do I need to retain my branch?

James Fehlig's avatar

I suppose that is reasonable since it is enabled by default in the Factory qemu package. Maybe you can send a request to enable it :-)? Note I'll be on vacation for the next week and may be slow to respond.

Andrew Colvin's avatar

done, I think - virgin at this OBS life Have a nice holiday and I also am away next week.

Ralf Kölmel's avatar

Would it be possible to provide zfs storage support for libvirtd (build time setting) and the needed libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-zfs package in the Virtualization repo ?

James Fehlig's avatar

What package provides zfs support? A quick search via 'zypper se zfs' didn't turn up anything. The upstream libvirt spec file has

BuildRequires: /sbin/zfs BuildRequires: /sbin/zpool

What package provides those in openSUSE?

Ben Ma's avatar

package zfs is in FileSystems project. Actually I'm a little confused on the document of libvirt of SLES 15 SP3 ( mentioning zfs as an alternative pool backend, while this repo shows that zfs is disabled. Any ideas?

James Fehlig's avatar

As I wrote over 2 years ago, the zfs driver is disabled in libvirt because it was not clear to me which packages provide the build-time dependencies. Although even knowing them, I'm somewhat reluctant to enable that driver. I'm the only one maintaining libvirt and it is already difficult to keep up with all the other storage, network, hypervisor, node device, etc drivers.

If anything, I should send a doc PR to remove mention of zfs.

James Fehlig's avatar

I finally got around to removing zfs from the doc but found it has already been done by this commit

It has not been backported to the SLE15 SP3 doc, but the SP4 doc will explicitly mention that zfs is not supported.

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