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openSUSE - KIWI Image System

The openSUSE KIWI Image System provides a complete operating system
image solution for Linux supported hardware platforms as well as for
virtualization systems like Xen.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
kiwi-docu.tar.bz2 5.51 MB 1 day ago
kiwi-find-boot-requires.sh 1.07 KB 11 months ago Download File
kiwi-repo.tar.bz2 1.05 KB 1 day ago Download File
kiwi-rpmlintrc 1.51 KB over 2 years ago Download File
kiwi.changes 1.28 MB 1 day ago Download File
kiwi.spec 877 KB 1 day ago Download File
kiwi.tar.bz2 3.09 MB 1 day ago Download File

Latest Revision

Marcus Schaefer Marcus Schaefer (sax2) committed 1 day ago (revision 1065)
- v7.03.38 released

- fix spec file parts for RHEL/CentOS 7

- Update copyBootCode function:
  	Add support to check for /boot/dtb* since DTB files
  	can be stored in /boot/dtb/ folder but also in
  	/boot/dtb-<version>/ folder with /boot/dtb a symlink

- Add warning to extractkernel for aarch64/armv7/s390x
  For those architectures, the kernel can only be found if
  suseStripKernel was called. Add a warning with a hint
  on what went wrong.

Comments for Virtualization:Appliances (1)

Dominique Leuenberger dimstar wrote 3 months ago

Kiwi needs a fix for the bump of suse_version to 1330 I guess... the -requires packages contain entries like: