FLTK Utility Widgets

This is just a small library of FLTK widgets that I have been working
on for another application (VolSuite, if you're interested). They are
available under the same LGPL-compatible license as FLTK. They are
designed to work with FLTK 1.1.x and seem to work pretty well on most
systems, although my testing has been far from exhaustive. There is a
configure/Makefile included which should compile on most *NIX/OSX
distributions, as well as Cygwin and MinGW. I wrote the configure
script by hand so don't blame autoconf if it doesn't work, blame me.
There are also project files for Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio
.NET, as well as a directory of many example files to exersize most of
the widgets. I don't work on the widgets much anymore, but if you find
bugs, have feature suggestions, or just a general question, feel free
to contact me directly (jbryan at osc dot edu) or via the FLTK mailing
lists (if it is a question whose answer everyone could benefit from).

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
FLU-no_silent_compile.patch 0000002034 1.99 KB almost 9 years
FLU-soname.patch 0000000941 941 Bytes almost 9 years
FLU_2.14.tar.bz2 0000473349 462 KB almost 9 years
FLU_Flu_Tree_Browser_h.patch 0000003586 3.5 KB over 8 years
fltk-flu-2.14-glib210.patch 0000002793 2.73 KB almost 9 years
fltk-flu-disable_static.patch 0000003305 3.23 KB almost 9 years
fltk-flu.changes 0000002655 2.59 KB over 8 years
fltk-flu.spec 0000006572 6.42 KB over 8 years
openSUSE-DESTDIR-fix.patch 0000003019 2.95 KB almost 9 years
src_Flu_File_Chooser_cpp.patch 0000000395 395 Bytes almost 9 years
src_Flu_Tree_Browser_cpp.patch 0000001138 1.11 KB almost 9 years
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