Free Tiling Tabbed Window Manager

Notion is a tiling, tabbed window manager for the X window system:

* Tiling: you divide the screen into non-overlapping 'tiles'. Every window
occupies one tile, and is maximized to it
* Tabbing: a tile may contain multiple windows - they will be 'tabbed'
* Static: most tiled window managers are 'dynamic', meaning they automatically
resize and move around tiles as windows appear and disappear. Notion, by
contrast, does not automatically change the tiling. You're in control.

Features include:
* Workspaces: each workspace has its own tiling
* Multihead: the mod_xinerama plugin provides very nice dual-monitor support
* RandR: mod_xrandr picks up changes in the xrandr configuration without the
need for restarting Notion (read this, though)
* Extensibility: Notion can be extended with lua scripts. Browse through the
scripts collection

Source Files
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notion-4.0.1.tar.gz 0000790197 772 KB 3 days
notion-makefile.patch 0000000974 974 Bytes about 9 years
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Comments for notion 1

Moritz Wilhelmy's avatar

mwilhelmy wrote about 3 years ago

Hi Ondřej,

I'm running tumbleweed and liblua5_2 is no longer present there, but notion is linked against that particular library version. I've fixed the issue with 'zypper al liblua5_2' but it would be nice to have notion linked against a supported liblua version.

Thank you for your continued effort in maintaining notion for OpenSuSE.

Best regards, Moritz