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perl-UNIVERSAL-ref - Turns ref() into a multimethod


This module changes the behavior of the builtin function ref(). If ref() is called on an object that has requested an overloaded ref, the object's '->ref' method will be called and its return value used instead.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
UNIVERSAL-ref-0.14-Fix-building-with-Perl-5.25.1.patch 0000209123 204 KB about 4 years
UNIVERSAL-ref-0.14.tar.gz 0000013355 13 KB over 10 years
cpanspec.yml 0000000713 713 Bytes 11 months
perl-UNIVERSAL-ref.changes 0000000402 402 Bytes 11 months
perl-UNIVERSAL-ref.spec 0000001943 1.9 KB 11 months
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