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Libgcrypt is a general purpose crypto library based on the code used in

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Filename Size Changed
baselibs.conf 0000000340 340 Bytes
hwf.deny 0000000562 562 Bytes
libgcrypt-1.10.0-allow_FSM_same_state.patch 0000000396 396 Bytes
libgcrypt-1.10.0-out-of-core-handler.patch 0000000358 358 Bytes
libgcrypt-1.10.2.tar.bz2 0003795164 3.62 MB
libgcrypt-1.10.2.tar.bz2.sig 0000000119 119 Bytes
libgcrypt-FIPS-SLI-hash-mac.patch 0000005916 5.78 KB
libgcrypt-FIPS-SLI-kdf-leylength.patch 0000001689 1.65 KB
libgcrypt-FIPS-SLI-pk.patch 0000006706 6.55 KB
libgcrypt-FIPS-rndjent_poll.patch 0000003950 3.86 KB
libgcrypt-jitterentropy-3.4.0.patch 0000021283 20.8 KB
libgcrypt.changes 0000071683 70 KB
libgcrypt.keyring 0000005365 5.24 KB
libgcrypt.spec 0000006251 6.1 KB
random.conf 0000000305 305 Bytes
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Yutaka Niibe's avatar

gniibe wrote

I am one of upstream maintainers of libgcrypt, merging patches into upstream.

I think that the patch libgcrypt-sparcv9.diff is bogus and can be removed; (1) If it will be applied to SPARC V9, it is only valid when you build 32-bit ABI for the 64-bit architecture. This is very rare use case (as of now in 2021), possibly it made sense when 32-bit ABI was common. (2) It doesn't work for SPARC V9 (have never worked) machine, because of typo (space_v9, instead of sparc_v9).

Please consider removal of the patch.

Pedro Monreal Gonzalez's avatar

pmonrealgonzalez wrote

Hi, @gniibe! Thanks for your comment. I'm the maintainer of libgcrypt for SUSE and openSUSE. I'll update to version 1.9.4 now and I'll remove the sparc_v9 old-and-broken patch.

I've seen you are considering some of our FIPS patches for inclusion upstream. Please, let me know if you need something from our side.

Cristian Rodríguez's avatar

elvigia wrote

When updating to future version like 1.10.x , remember to change --enable-random=linux to --enable-random=getentropy and drop/review all the rng or random* patches. It is also wise to disable the jitterentropy stuff as the linux kernel already has its own jitter-based entropy mixed into the kernel random pools.

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