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This will be Docker image containing base packages needed for image in CI; those packages which don't get new version often

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build fails with

[  137s] Problem: the to be installed opencv-devel-4.5.5-150400.1.28.x86_64 requires 'libopencv_videoio405 = 4.5.5', but this requirement cannot be provided
[  137s]   not installable providers: libopencv_videoio405-4.5.5-150400.1.28.x86_64[obs_repository]
[  137s]  Solution 1: deinstallation of patterns-base-fips-20200505-lp154.5.2.x86_64
[  137s]  Solution 2: do not ask to install a solvable providing pkgconfig(opencv4)
[  137s]  Solution 3: break opencv-devel-4.5.5-150400.1.28.x86_64 by ignoring some of its dependencies

but I can't reproduce it locally, e.g. with podman build container/devel\:openQA\:ci/base/

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