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System-level exploration


Sysdig is open source, system-level exploration: capture system state and
activity from a running Linux instance, then save, filter and analyze.
Think of it as strace + tcpdump + lsof + awesome sauce. With a little Lua
cherry on top.

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sysdig-0.26.1.tar.gz 0000892441 872 KB about 1 month
sysdig-include.patch 0000002121 2.07 KB about 1 month
sysdig-linking.patch 0000001367 1.33 KB about 1 month
sysdig.changes 0000028549 27.9 KB about 1 month
sysdig.spec 0000003316 3.24 KB about 1 month
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Repo Checker

repo-checker wrote 5 months ago

The version of this package in openSUSE:Factory has installation issues and may not be installable:

can't install sysdig-kmp-pae-0.23.1_k4.20.6_1-1.44.i586:
  nothing provides kernel-uname-r = 4.20.6-1-pae needed by sysdig-kmp-pae-0.23.1_k4.20.6_1-1.44.i586
    (we have kernel-default-4.20.6-1.5.i586)
    (we have kernel-default-base-4.20.6-1.5.i586)