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Ftrace is the Linux kernel internal tracer that is named after the function tracer but also includes a number of other capabilities. It can be configured through the debugfs interface but that is very unwieldly. trace-cmd is a command-line utility to ease the use of Ftrace.

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0001-libtracecmd-use-major-version-as-SONAME.patch 0000001900 1.86 KB 7 months
0002-trace-cmd-Remove-last-elements-of-local-libtracefs-a.patch 0000031255 30.5 KB 7 months
makefile-bash.patch 0000000593 593 Bytes 7 months
trace-cmd-2.9.6.tar.gz 0006789120 6.47 MB 7 months
trace-cmd.changes 0000008974 8.76 KB 6 months
trace-cmd.spec 0000003654 3.57 KB 6 months
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