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Unix domain socket tracing


This is a LD_PRELOAD wrapper library which can be used to trace the
data sent and/or received via unix domain sockets.

Unlike IP based communication that can be captured/traced with pcap
programs like tcpdump or wireshark, there is no similar mechanism
available for unix domain sockets.

This LD_PRELOAD library intercepts the C library function calls of
dynamically linked programs. It will detect all file descriptors
representing unix domain sockets and will then print traces of all
data sent/received via the socket.

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_service 0000000552 552 Bytes about 4 years
_servicedata 0000000232 232 Bytes about 4 years
udtrace-0.0.0+git.20180402.tar.xz 0000694684 678 KB about 4 years
udtrace-rpmlintrc 0000000042 42 Bytes about 4 years
udtrace.changes 0000000363 363 Bytes about 4 years
udtrace.spec 0000001873 1.83 KB about 4 years
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