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LLVM compiler infrastructure

LLVM is a compiler infrastructure designed for compile-time,
link-time, runtime, and idle-time optimization of programs from
arbitrary programming languages. The compiler infrastructure includes
mirror sets of programming tools as well as libraries with equivalent

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Comments for devel:tools:compiler (6)

Jason Newton jenewton wrote almost 3 years ago

fix builds + lldb

Please fix builds and don't delete the cmake files - they are needed to build additional software against the devel packages. It would also be great to have lldb packaged.

Jason Newton jenewton wrote almost 3 years ago

progress on lldb?

'Bout time we had a gdb alternative around here.

Jason Newton jenewton wrote over 2 years ago

Hi Again - I've tried a number of times to build lldb with llvm for my home:jenewton:science, it's proved quite a PITA well beyond my other packages (including boost, which I've maintained ahead of the curve for 3 years now) and I don't have time to resolve - each build takes like 45 minutes even on local high end machines ending in error. Specifically there are some issues with lldb's python module and this requires someone with more core opensuse infrastructure knowledge as well as better llvm knowledge. I'd recommend you find a way to continue a recently errored build and post how you did so to save the recompile times... I wasn't successful at that either... actually are there any recipes for continuing builds?

Anyway, OpenSUSE really needs this powerful debugger to remain a good developer platform, please allocate some resources into it.

Dominique Leuenberger dimstar wrote 10 months ago

Can we please have the static libs packaged in llvm-devel-static? The new version of webkitgtk relies on them (it identifies the need based on llvm-config --libfiles, which gives a list of static libs to be used).

Ismail Donmez namtrac wrote 10 months ago

llvm-config is lying and its a bug and will be fixed with llvm 3.8. Until then please do what others do: llvm-config --libfiles | sed s,.a,.so,g or use llvm-config --libs which will work in all cases.

Ronan Chagas Ronis_BR wrote 5 months ago

Can anyone please recreate the lldb package? Otherwise, I think it will not build.