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Bugzilla is server software designed to help you manage software development.

* Optimized database structure for increased performance and scalability
* Excellent security to protect confidentiality
* Advanced query tool that can remember your searches
* Integrated email capabilities
* Editable user profiles and comprehensive email preferences
* Comprehensive permissions system
* Proven under fire as Mozilla's bug tracking system

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  • osc -A https://api.opensuse.org checkout devel:tools:scm/bugzilla && cd $_
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Source Files (show merged sources derived from linked package)
Filename Size Changed
MPL-2.0.html 0000018498 18.1 KB about 9 years
bugzilla-5.0.6.tar.gz 0003970724 3.79 MB over 3 years
bugzilla-de-5.0.4-2.utf-8.tar.gz 0000263082 257 KB over 3 years
bugzilla-rpmlintrc 0000000028 28 Bytes over 5 years
bugzilla.changes 0000010254 10 KB over 1 year
bugzilla.conf 0000001939 1.89 KB about 2 years
bugzilla.spec 0000006350 6.2 KB over 1 year
fix_whine_error.patch 0000000450 450 Bytes over 6 years
modernize-bugzilla-submit.patch 0000003448 3.37 KB over 1 year
Comments 4

Frank Steiner's avatar

frank-steiner wrote 6 months ago

Hi, bugzilla for SP4 requires /usr/bin/python, but that is no longer provided in SP4 because the python2 module has been dropped. cu, Frank

Eric Schirra's avatar

ecsos wrote 5 months ago

Hello Frank, I don't understand what you are trying to say. bugzilla does not require python to install. There is the script bugzilla-submit in package for which there is the patch modernize-bugzilla-submit.patch. This changes among other things to python3. But as said you don't need python to install it. So I don't know what I could do. Greetings Eric

Steve Kowalik's avatar

StevenK wrote 5 months ago

bugzilla-submit has a shebang of /usr/bin/python, so rpm will automatically add a Requires on that file, and SP4 no longer ships /usr/bin/python.

Eric Schirra's avatar

ecsos wrote 5 months ago

I don't think so. Build use modernize-bugzilla-submit.patch. And there it patch to /use/bin/python3¿

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