A peer-to-peer implementation of the German card game Skat


SecureSkat is a peer-to-peer implementation of the card game Skat.

The program negotiates possible players and sessions over an arbitrary IRC network (Internet Relay Chat). Beside a IRC server for bootstrapping the communication channels neither a trusted third-party (dealer) nor a centralized game server is required. It uses the C++ library LibTMCG to ensure a reasonable level of verifiablility for card operations (so-called Mental Poker problem). Furthermore, SecureSkat provides simple electronic voting capabilities based on a playing card encoding.

For peer-to-peer communication between players the program allows the usage of Tor hidden services (i.e. onion address of a peer instead of FQDN), because often the incoming TCP/IP port range is restricted by the configuration of Internet routers.

Author: Heiko Stamer

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