3D Deathmatch game


Alien Arena 2007 is an online deathmatch game with over 30 levels, seven modes
of play, loads of mutators, built-in bots, 11 player characters, and 9 weapons
(with alt-fire modes).

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GPL.acebot.txt 0000003310 3.23 KB almost 13 years
alienarena-7.65.tar.bz2 0001675907 1.6 MB almost 8 years
alienarena-create-tarball.sh 0000000868 868 Bytes almost 8 years
alienarena.changes 0000004575 4.47 KB about 3 years
alienarena.desktop 0000000200 200 Bytes about 12 years
alienarena.spec 0000003268 3.19 KB about 3 years
Comments for alienarena 2

Maximilian Trummer's avatar

oxy wrote over 1 year ago

alienarena crashes with "Received signal 11, exiting..." on two machines here (SIGSEGV) after trying to launch a game (menu works).

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alienarena-cc wrote about 1 year ago

Alien Arena version 7.65 is deprecated, there are very few servers for it and it's unsupported by COR Entertainment. Alien Arena is now available on steam for purchase along with it's DLC. The good news is that COR Entertainment are leaving the source code and game assets in their svn repository at svn.icculus.org/alienarena/trunk for free distribution in linux distributions. This excludes content that is specific to the steam version.

It would be great to see the Alien Arena package updated to the latest version (7.71) in Suse

We refer to the version you currently have packaged as Generation 2, because nearly every game asset has been updated, including maps, player characters, weapons, particle fx etc. We refer to the game now as Generation 3. There are also a lot of new features. Writing a changelog for the game would be a mammoth task in itself.

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