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A Doom-like 3D first person shooter


The game is a "pseudo 3D" first person shooter, like Doom, and
consists of 10 levels. The graphics uses a 256 color palette
and is a little simpler than that of Doom, having e.g. no
textures on floor and ceiling and using just 32x32 pixel images.
The engine uses software rendering and 2D raycasting for
rendering. There are multiple enemy types, weapons and items to
pick up. Music is 8bit and procedurally generated (utilizing so
called bytebeat).

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anarch-1.0.tar.bz2 0007747148 7.39 MB about 1 year
anarch-fix-build.patch 0000000273 273 Bytes about 1 year
anarch.changes 0000000160 160 Bytes about 1 year
anarch.spec 0000002273 2.22 KB about 1 year
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