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Rearrange dominoes on different platforms to start a chain reaction.

Domino-Chain is a puzzle game where you have to rearrange
dominoes on different platforms to start a chain reaction that
makes all dominoes topple over. There are many strange types
of dominoes, such as the Ascender which will rise to the
ceiling when pushed, or the Exploder which will blast a hole
into the platform it stands on.

Domino-Chain is a faithful reincarnation of the game Pushover
originally published by Ocean in 1992. Compared to Pushover,
Domino-Chain has some new levels, some additional domino;
types, better graphics in higher resolution and high-quality
music. On top of that, you can load and play the original
levels from Pushover if you have a copy of it.
This game is free software and created by volunteers. Even
though it is in a pretty good state, there is a lot to
improve. If you like Domino-Chain, please consider to join the
team and to help with translations, levels, graphics and more.

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