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An advanced QuakeWorld client


Evolved from FuhQuake, Fodquake takes the experience to a new level,
gives you a vast number of enhancements and new features.
A QuakeWorld client for sensible people who expect (or not) higher
level of happiness, so it is easier to frag, die and smile.

* Server browser - to easily find a match or a player. Sorting by
gametype, columns. Friends tab to keeping your mates there.
Customizable colours. Join, observe, search, watch EzTV streams
via QTV proxy.
* QW networking independent from rendering.
* Flat rendering of maps, in both OpenGL and software rendering,
with the user being able to either choose distinct colours for
walls, floors/ceilings and slopes, or choosing to colour each
surface on the entire map according to their wish.
* EQL ruleset.
* Command line arguments are no longer needed. Every option can be
set by regular Quake cvars. Command line options are converted
into their respective cvars for legacy reasons.
* Sound system parameters can be changed while Quake is running
and sound can be completely turned on/off as well without a
* Video mode selection menu.
* Linux USB mouse poll rate settings are checked and a warning is
given if found to be lower than 500Hz.
* Table layout code with optimal layout and entry sorting. Tab
completion of commands and variables and other things presenting
the output in a grid will use the new table layout code.
* Optimised dynamic lightmap rendering.
* Clipboard support for X11.
* FTE-compatible support for compression of network data.
* Support for FTE chunked downloads. Downloads can be much faster
on compatible servers.
* No longer lets broken mods (hint: they start with the letters
'kt') change the rate cvar. If the server asks for the cvar to
be changed, only the userinfo will be changed, and the value
will be restored when disconneting from the server.

Game data must be placed in ~/.fodquake/id1 .

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