Fly a small V shaped ship in different kind of levels

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Luola is a 2D arcade game where you fly a small V shaped ship in different kinds of levels. It's genre "Luolalentely" (Cave-flying) is (or was) very popular here in Finland. Though cavern-flying games are not originally Finnish, nowdays most of them are.

Luola is largely inspired by V-Wing, my favourite cave-flying game. While V-Wing's graphics might not have been flashy, they were crisp and clear, and the playability and choice of weapons was superb. This is also my aim with Luola, not too much eye-candy, but solid playability.

* 2-4 players
* Team play
* Ability to eject the pilot and walk around the level as a human
* Supports truecolor level artwork and over a dozen terrain types ranging from watercurrents to explosives
* Supports custom level palettes thus can load levels from practically any caveflying game such as V-Wing or Wings
* Level specials such as snowfall, critters, auto-turrets and jump-gates
* Supports keyboard and gamepad input
* Sound effects and background music thru SDL_mixer library
* Transparency and antialiasing effects thru SDL_gfx library
* Can use Truetype fonts thru SDL_ttf library

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