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Another Asteroid like game

For too long has humanity been ruled by cruel and disputatious gods!
Fly through the various layers of the Celestial Oversphere to unseat
those who control the universe.

In Overgod you control a little vehicle in the middle of the screen and fly
around and shoot things - a bit like asteroids, but the asteroids move
independently and shoot back. You can also upgrade your vehicle in various

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overgod-1.0.patch 0000025916 25.3 KB about 9 years
overgod-gcc5.patch 0000001040 1.02 KB over 3 years
overgod-libs.patch 0000000463 463 Bytes over 7 years
overgod.changes 0000001071 1.05 KB over 3 years
overgod.desktop 0000000230 230 Bytes over 11 years
overgod.png 0000000623 623 Bytes over 11 years
overgod.spec 0000002675 2.61 KB over 3 years
overgod.tar.gz 0001756818 1.68 MB over 11 years
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