Free Lemmings-like puzzle game

Pingus is a free Lemmings-like puzzle game covered under the GNU GPL.
It features currently 77 playable levels.

You can use to see which languages are supported

pingus --list-languages

And start with

pingus --language de

If you wish to play the other levels

pingus /usr/share/pingus/levels/playable/some-level
pingus /usr/share/pingus/levels/incoming/some-level
pingus /usr/share/pingus/levels/wip/some-level

The other, probably more userfriendly, way is to simply load them into
the level editor and then click the play button.

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pingus-0.7.6-Makefile.patch 0000001227 1.2 KB about 5 years
pingus-0.7.6-SConscript.patch 0000001461 1.43 KB about 5 years
pingus-scons-on-py3.patch 0000000604 604 Bytes about 2 years
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