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Dirk Stoecker

Name Title
server:search Websearch engines and tools
filesharing Filesharing applications
devel:languages:perl perl modules
science Software for Scientists and Engineers
Application:Geo Applications related to the earth (GIS, Mapping, geodesy, GPS, astronomy)
games openSUSE Games
graphics Graphics Project
devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:RaspberryPi RaspberryPi specific contributions
editors Text editors and hex editors for Linux
X11:Utilities X11 Utilities
Documentation:Tools SUSE Documentation Tools
games:tools Tools for Gamers
home:dstoecker Dirk Stoecker's Home Project
devel:languages:D The D programming language
server:php:applications PHP libraries and applications
home:dstoecker:base Base build project definitions
home:dstoecker:oldos Rebuilding for old OS
science:HPC All packages used mainly in HPC
server:monitoring Server Monitoring Software
server:mail Email services

Dirk Stoecker doesn't own any project or package