Applications related to the earth (GIS, Mapping, geodesy, GPS, astronomy)

This project collects the user applications of all the geosciences.

Topics are:

- GIS:
geoinformation system programs, data sets and everything related
enduser software for global navigation satellite systems
- Mapping:
software to handle maps, data display on maps and everything related to this
- everything else which fits

When installing on SLES, you need to have openSUSE:Backports/SUSE Package Hub repositories as well:

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Comments for Application:Geo 3

Ludwig Nussel's avatar

lnussel wrote 19 days ago

Is there a reason for having update_source in the project global services? That service is neither in any stable Distro nor Factory.

Dirk Stoecker's avatar

dstoecker wrote 16 days ago

What is "update_source in the project global services"?

Martin Pluskal's avatar

pluskalm wrote 13 days ago

I also have no idea what is this about