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Torcs Car Setup Editor


Torcs Car Setup Editor is an Open Source program with the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE designed to edit the physics of cars for TORCS (The Open Racing Car Simulator).

Torcs Car Setup Editor will help you in the setup of cars, the main features are:

* You don't need to edit the xml files in a text editor. You can edit all with the program.
* Real time display of the engine curve and calculation of the power of the car in the same graph.
* Symmetrical edit option. You can edit left and right at the same time.
* Calculation of the max speed of the car for every gear at revs limiter.
* Calculation of the revs, torque and power when you change the gear up at max revs.
* View of the ac file in a 3D window.
* Edit some parameters of the car (wheel position, axle position, driver position, bonnet position...) in the 3D window.
* Display of the acceleration, grip, speed and braking of the car. This is useful to see how affects the modification of a parameter in the car.

Source Files
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glui-2.35.tgz 0000410958 401 KB about 8 years
torcs-car-setup-editor-gcc43.patch 0000000502 502 Bytes about 8 years
torcs-car-setup-editor-gcc44.patch 0000000390 390 Bytes about 8 years
torcs-car-setup-editor-gcc47.patch 0000001317 1.29 KB about 7 years
torcs-car-setup-editor-no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch 0000000749 749 Bytes about 7 years
torcs-car-setup-editor-v01.zip 0002202668 2.1 MB about 8 years
torcs-car-setup-editor.changes 0000000881 881 Bytes about 6 years
torcs-car-setup-editor.png 0000002808 2.74 KB about 8 years
torcs-car-setup-editor.spec 0000005055 4.94 KB about 6 years
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