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Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's free (beer), secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.
This is a modified version of Discord to remove the patent encumbered ffmpeg and swap with electron's pre-built non-patent ffmpeg lib.

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PERMISSION 0000004545 4.44 KB almost 4 years
com.discordapp.Discord.appdata.xml 0000005756 5.62 KB 5 months
discord-0.0.16.tar.gz 0077377717 73.8 MB 28 days
discord-symbolic.svg 0000001196 1.17 KB over 1 year
discord.changes 0000006578 6.42 KB 3 days
discord.spec 0000004418 4.31 KB 3 days
ffmpeg-v10.4.3-linux-x64.zip 0004454333 4.25 MB 6 months
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Wojciech Kazubski's avatar

wkazubski wrote 11 months ago

Please submit this version to Factory:NonFree, openSUSE:Leap:15.2:NonFree:Update and openSUSE:Leap:15.3:NonFree. All older versions there does not work anymore.

Mathias Homann's avatar

lemmy04 wrote 5 months ago

And please do this again now that 0.0.15 is out. Same reasoning applies.

edit: i just saw you already submitted to factory... :)

Jon Brightwell's avatar

moozaad wrote 5 months ago

yeh I usually wait on that. I have to say I did miss the last 15.2 update, must have given an error I overlooked. The maintenance process is non-obvious.

Dmitry Sidorov's avatar

JonMagon wrote 6 months ago

After the update, it crashes immediately after startup

Jimmy Berry's avatar

boombatower wrote 6 months ago

Perhaps file a bug report with more details as it does not crash for me I and I would bet it does not for those that updated it.

Dmitry Sidorov's avatar

JonMagon wrote 6 months ago

There was only "[WebContents] crashed" with no details. I downloaded the original tar.xz and ran the binary from there, now everything works.

Alex George's avatar

ZeroKnight wrote 6 months ago

I had to do this as well. I'm not sure why, but 0.0.14 doesn't seem to like the patent-free libffmpeg.so included in the package spec. I replaced the installed /usr/lib64/discord/libffmpeg.so with the one included in the 0.0.14 tarball and it launched without issue.

Jon Brightwell's avatar

moozaad wrote 6 months ago

Doing an update to v10 electron as is latest working. But please use bugzilla for bugs as I didn't see this until recently.

Dave Plater's avatar

plater wrote 7 days ago

Discord requires libc++1 which no longer exists in Tumbleweed.

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