Converter for Several 3-Dimensional Object File Formats

3dto3d is a command-line tool able to convert objects in 3D Studio,
Imagine Object, LightWave Object, AutoCad Object, Povray Binary, and
WaveFront formats to Moray/Povray, Moray/Polyray, 3DStudio, HighLight,
Real3D Macro, 3D Studio Binary, Moray/Povray (Wire), Moray/Povray (Blob
Wire), Imagine Object, RenderWare Object, VRML Object, DXF Object,
Lightwave Object, Direct X (Microsoft), Real3D Object, OpenGL C source,
or WaveFront format.

Source Files
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3dto3d.patch 0000000654 654 Bytes about 9 years
3dto3d.spec 0000001210 1.18 KB about 9 years
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