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JPEG and TIFF Structure Analyzer with EXIF and MakerNote Support


Exifprobe examines and reports the contents and structure of JPEG and TIFF image files. It recognizes all standard JPEG markers (including APPn markers) and reports the contents of any properly structured TIFF IFD encountered, even when entry tags are not recognized. Recognized TIFF and TIFF/EP tags are expanded, including EXIF2.2 sections and camera MakerNotes in TIFF IFD format. GPS and GeoTIFF tags are recognized and entries printed in "raw" form, but are not expanded. Location, size, and format of image data is reported.

Source Files
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exifprobe-2.0.1-filesubformatAPPN.patch 0000000815 815 Bytes 23 days
exifprobe-2.0.1-invalid-operation.patch 0000000936 936 Bytes 23 days
exifprobe-2.0.1-makebyteorder-endianness.patch 0000000588 588 Bytes 23 days
exifprobe-2.0.1.tar.bz2 0000178995 175 KB over 15 years
exifprobe.changes 0000001462 1.43 KB 23 days
exifprobe.spec 0000002073 2.02 KB 23 days
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