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ckb-next is an open-source driver for Corsair keyboards and mice. It aims to bring
the features of their proprietary CUE software to the Linux operating system.
This project is currently a work in progress, but it already supports
much of the same functionality, including full RGB animations.

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422.patch 0000001855 1.81 KB
ckb-next-0.6.0.tar.gz 0001835972 1.75 MB
ckb-next-no-cmake-modules.patch 0000000405 405 Bytes
ckb-next-systemd.patch 0000001394 1.36 KB
ckb-next-udev.patch 0000000844 844 Bytes
ckb-next-use-run.patch 0000002146 2.1 KB
ckb-next.changes 0000018085 17.7 KB
ckb-next.spec 0000003808 3.72 KB
harden_ckb-next-daemon.service.patch 0000000844 844 Bytes
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Markus Reckwerth's avatar

After hardening the daemon has no longer access to the USB devices:

[E] usbadd (usb_linux.c:703): Failed to open USB device: Operation not permitted

Luigi Baldoni's avatar

Please wait for sr#914692 to reach Factory and then Tumbleweed or download the updated package from this repository.

Markus Reckwerth's avatar

Works again. Thx.

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