Bluetooth Stack for Linux

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The Bluetooth stack for Linux.

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0001-rpi3-bcm43xx-The-UART-speed-must-be-reset-after-the-firmw.patch 0000001070 1.04 KB
CVE-2016-9800-tool-hcidump-Fix-memory-leak-with-malformed-packet.patch 0000001191 1.16 KB
CVE-2016-9804-tool-hcidump-Fix-memory-leak-with-malformed-packet.patch 0000001011 1011 Bytes
baselibs.conf 0000000107 107 Bytes
bluetooth.modprobe 0000000128 128 Bytes
bluez-5.11-logitech-hid2hci.patch 0000001209 1.18 KB
bluez-5.76.tar.xz 0002418848 2.31 MB
bluez-cups-libexec.patch 0000001007 1007 Bytes
bluez-disable-broken-tests.diff 0000000784 784 Bytes
bluez-rpmlintrc 0000000092 92 Bytes
bluez-sdp-unix-path.patch 0000000413 413 Bytes
bluez-test-2to3.diff 0000021600 21.1 KB
bluez.changes 0000127650 125 KB
bluez.changes.sle 0000108702 106 KB
bluez.spec 0000014649 14.3 KB
disable_some_obex_tests.patch 0000000972 972 Bytes
hcidump-Add-assoc-dump-function-assoc-date-length-ch.patch 0000005494 5.37 KB
hcidump-Fix-memory-leak-with-malformed-packet.patch 0000001119 1.09 KB
hcidump-Fixed-malformed-segment-frame-length.patch 0000000933 933 Bytes
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Marc David's avatar

I encountered an issue where I was unable to send a file via Bluetooth on openSUSE Tumbleweed KDE. The error message "failed to start org.bluez.obex.service" was displayed.

I managed to resolve the problem by installing the bluez-obexd package. This solution restored the Bluetooth file-sharing functionality.

Sergey Kondakov's avatar

So what? openSUSE's upstream decided to separate this obexd thing into separate package from the main one, I have not changed that part. You can check that with 'Has a link diff' button on top of this page.

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