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A new era of messaging.

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0001-use-bundled-webrtc.patch 0000000582 582 Bytes
0002-use-bundled-rnnoise-expected-gsl-ranges-webrtc.patch 0000003165 3.09 KB
0003-revert-webrtc-cmake-target-file.patch 0000000652 652 Bytes
0004-use-dynamic-x-libraries.patch 0000000490 490 Bytes
_constraints 0000000572 572 Bytes
rnnoise-git20210122.tar.gz 0000173774 170 KB
tdesktop-5.1.7-full.tar.gz 0069543486 66.3 MB
telegram-desktop.changes 0000100411 98.1 KB
telegram-desktop.spec 0000011371 11.1 KB 0025189388 24 MB 0000003324 3.25 KB 0000000694 694 Bytes
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telegram-desktop: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: g_main_context_new_with_flags

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The telegram-desktop newer than version 4.8.4 no longer builds for any Leap release. I have therefore stopped to build any backported packages. If you need to use telegram-desktop on Leap, I suggest you take the officially built packages for Linux from Github, e.g. for version 4.9.9

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