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I see this in /var/log/messages upon execution and it dumps core: qt.qpa.xcb: could not connect to display :0.0

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about which package are you talking? and it looks to me like you are trying to run a Qt graphical app without a working X server

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Hi all, the newer versions of telegram-desktop will require GCC8 to build, would it be possible to add the Updates repo for Leap 15.0 to provide it?

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Can we add the openSUSE Leap 15.3 target?

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Done, it's called just 15.3 from now on (there was a poll about a shared term).

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Can we please add Leap 15.5 as a build target? Thx.

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Could we please add openSUSE:Leap:15.5:Update and openSUSE:Leap:15.4:Update as build targets? Thanks. This is required to fix boo#1213048.

  <repository name="openSUSE_Tumbleweed">
    <path project="openSUSE:Factory" repository="snapshot"/>
  <repository name="15.5">
    <path project="openSUSE:Leap:15.5:Update" repository="standard"/>
  <repository name="15.4">
    <path project="openSUSE:Leap:15.4:Update" repository="standard"/>

Dominik Heidler's avatar

Please enable building against Leap 15.6 for this project

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