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Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator

SWIG is a compiler that attempts to make it easy to integrate C, C++,
or Objective-C code with scripting languages including Perl, Tcl, and
Python. In a nutshell, you give it a bunch of ANSI C/C++ declarations
and it generates an interface between C and your favorite scripting
language. However, this is only scratching the surface of what SWIG
can do--some of its more advanced features include automatic
documentation generation, module and library management, extensive
customization options, and more.

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  • osc -A https://api.opensuse.org checkout home:Andreas_Schwab:Factory/swig && cd $_
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0001-Fix-code-generated-for-Ruby-global-variables.patch 0000017512 17.1 KB almost 3 years
0002-Add-support-for-Ruby-2.7.patch 0000011903 11.6 KB almost 3 years
0003-Move-new-macros-for-Ruby-to-their-dedicated-namespac.patch 0000002985 2.92 KB almost 3 years
0004-Improve-description-of-cast-macros-for-Ruby.patch 0000003725 3.64 KB almost 3 years
rel-4.0.1.tar.gz 0003815760 3.64 MB over 3 years
ruby-std-wstring-byte-order.patch 0000000888 888 Bytes over 2 years
swig.changes 0000038692 37.8 KB over 2 years
swig.rpmlintrc 0000000072 72 Bytes over 11 years
swig.spec 0000005669 5.54 KB over 2 years
swig308-isfinite.diff 0000000719 719 Bytes over 3 years
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