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Fleeting Password Manager


Fleeting Password Manager is a program that generates pseudo-random
passwords from given master password, URL/ID and user name. The master
password should be common to all passwords and URL/ID should be the url
of the service (e.g. www.facebook.com) or some part of it (e.g.
facebook). Fleeting Password Manager then combines the master password,
URL/ID and the given user name and generates the corresponding login

Source Files
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fleetingpm-2.9.0.tar.gz 0000328586 321 KB about 8 years
fleetingpm-DSO.patch 0000000519 519 Bytes about 7 years
fleetingpm-install.patch 0000001859 1.82 KB about 7 years
fleetingpm.changes 0000002097 2.05 KB about 7 years
fleetingpm.spec 0000002861 2.79 KB about 7 years
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