CD/DVD Drive Quality Testsuite

QPxTool is the linux way to get full control over your CD/DVD drives. It is the
Open Source Solution which intends to give you access to all available Quality
Checks (Q-Checks) on written and blank media, that are available for your drive.
This will help you to find the right media and the optimized writing speed for
your hardware, which will increase the chance for a long data lifetime.

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qpxtool-0.7.0-libpng15.patch 0000004372 4.27 KB almost 7 years
qpxtool-0.7.2-configure_png.patch 0000000412 412 Bytes about 7 years
qpxtool-0.7.2-no_return.patch 0000000454 454 Bytes about 7 years
qpxtool-0.7.2-optflags.patch 0000002574 2.51 KB about 7 years
qpxtool-0.7.2.tar.bz2 0000587694 574 KB about 7 years
qpxtool.changes 0000003555 3.47 KB almost 7 years
qpxtool.spec 0000004615 4.51 KB almost 7 years
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