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This module will attempt to load find and load a configuration file of
various types. Currently it supports YAML, JSON, XML, INI and Perl formats.
Special configuration for a particular driver format can be stored in
'MyApp->config->{ 'Plugin::ConfigLoader' }->{ driver }'. For example, to
pass arguments to the Config::General manpage, use the following:

__PACKAGE__->config( 'Plugin::ConfigLoader' => {
driver => {
'General' => { -LowerCaseNames => 1 }
} );

See the Config::Any manpage's 'driver_args' parameter for more information.

To support the distinction between development and production environments,
this module will also attemp to load a local config (e.g. myapp_local.yaml)
which will override any duplicate settings. See /get_config_local_suffix
for details on how this is configured.

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