A tool to generate a static blog from reStructuredText or Markdown input files

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Pelican is a static site generator, written in Python.

* Write your weblog entries directly with your editor of choice in reStructuredText, Markdown or AsciiDoc
* Includes a simple CLI tool to (re)generate the weblog
* Easy to interface with DVCSes and web hooks
* Completely static output is easy to host anywhere

Pelican currently supports:

* Blog articles and pages
* Comments, via an external service
* Theming support (themes are created using Jinja2 templates)
* PDF generation of the articles/pages (optional)
* Publication of articles in multiple languages
* Atom/RSS feeds
* Code syntax highlighting
* Asset management with webassets (optional)
* Import from WordPress, Dotclear, or RSS feeds
* Integration with external tools: Twitter, Google Analytics, etc. (optional)

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