XMail is an Internet and intranet mail server featuring an ESMTP server, POP3 server, finger server, TLS support for SMTP and POP3 (both server and client side), multiple domains, no need for users to have a real system account, SMTP relay checking, DNS based maps check, custom (IP based and address based) spam protection, SMTP authentication (PLAIN LOGIN CRAM-MD5 POP3-before-SMTP and custom), a POP3 account syncronizer with external POP3 accounts, account aliases, domain aliases, custom mail processing, direct mail files delivery, custom mail filters, mailing lists, remote administration, custom mail exchangers, logging, and multi-platform code. XMail sources compile under GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, OSX, Solaris and NT/2K/XP. Read the file README.TXT included with the distribution.

Homepage: http://www.xmailserver.org/

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
xmail-1.27.tar.gz 0001662592 1.59 MB almost 10 years
xmail-1.27_badsmtplogin.patch 0000003131 3.06 KB about 5 years
xmail-1.27_eventfd.patch 0000000558 558 Bytes almost 10 years
xmail-1.27_ssloptions.patch 0000004714 4.6 KB over 4 years
xmail.initd 0000002020 1.97 KB over 4 years
xmail.spec 0000039719 38.8 KB over 1 year
xmail.sysconfig 0000000377 377 Bytes about 5 years
xmail.systemd 0000000190 190 Bytes over 1 year
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