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Linux 8086 development environment based on Bruce Evans's C compiler

Linux 8086 development environment.

This is based on Bruce Evans's C compiler with additonal code, including a reasonable C library for ELKS DOS or standalone.

It is used to combile and assemble BIOS images like the BOCHS BIOS used by KVM and qemu

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
Dev86src-0.16.17.tar.bz2 0000573492 560 KB over 11 years
bin86.spec 0000003449 3.37 KB over 11 years
dev86-0.16.17.dif 0000003175 3.1 KB over 11 years
dev86-noelks.patch 0000000538 538 Bytes over 11 years
dev86-x86_64.patch 0000001086 1.06 KB over 11 years
rpmlintrc 0000000138 138 Bytes over 11 years
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