Nouveau Open Source X11 driver for nVidia cards

This package contains the Nouveau Open-Source driver for nVidia cards.

Any bugs and features supported by this driver are highly dependent on the card type. GeForce 6/7xxx cards work best with this driver.

Only the accelerated 2D rendering functionality is reliable so far, but this already gives many benefits over nVidia's "nv" driver on cards where the functionality is well supported:

* Hardware-accelerated EXA rendering with RENDER extension for compositing: It allows to use transparency under KDE and xcompmgr with other window managers
* Textured Xvideo on GeForce 6/7xxxx cards gives hardware-filtered and -zoomed video support
* Support for RandR-1.2 (incl. dual-head) Note: For dual-head, xorg.conf has to include "Virtual " and and for side-by-side, you have to use something like:

xrandr --output DVI-D-1 --left-of DVI-D-0

Drawback: It is required to add

Option "ShadowFB" "on"

to the Devices Section to have working suspend, but this disables all EXA and all hardware-accelerated Xvideo support (textures and overlay).

3D support is only present for GeForce 6/7 and extremely experimentental but certain applications and games like neverball, neverputt, briquolo and chromium work already without any flaws as long as not too many windows are open.

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0001-merge-nv40fp.patch 0000003515 3.43 KB over 11 years
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