GRIB and BUFR en/decoder library

ecCodes is a package developed by ECMWF which provides an application programming interface and a set of tools for decoding and encoding messages in the following formats:
WMO FM-92 GRIB edition 1 and edition 2
WMO FM-94 BUFR edition 3 and edition 4
WMO GTS abbreviated header (only decoding in this release).
A useful set of command line tools provide quick access to the messages. C, Fortran 90 and Python interfaces provide access to the main ecCodes functionality.
ecCodes is an evolution of GRIB-API. It is designed to provide the user with a simple set of functions to access data from several formats with a key/value approach.

Source Files
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eccodes-0.13.0.tar.gz 0009860695 9.4 MB over 3 years
eccodes-0.16.0.tar.gz 0010282799 9.81 MB over 3 years
eccodes-2.0.0.tar.gz 0009324708 8.89 MB about 3 years
eccodes-2.0.2.tar.gz 0009340667 8.91 MB about 3 years
eccodes.spec 0000003336 3.26 KB about 3 years
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